Move Fails in office 365 with empty domain

I have had a few failed moves in office 365.
This is a hybrid configuration with adsync enabled.
Note the extra space where the arrow is in the first image, normally it would say something like “…domain abc.local because…”
In this case, it is just an extra blank space
Here is how I fixed it.
· I disconnected the mailbox from the user. (that is a disable in EMC)
· Forced sync to the cloud on the adsync server (see second image)
· Reconnected the mailbox to the original user in “disconnected mailbox” section of EMC
· Forced sync (again) to the cloud on the adsync server
· Then attempt a move and I it was successful !!


Import Export IP list on Allowed Relay Receive Connector

If you are migrating from Exchange 2003 to 2010, when you export the list of allowed relay devices, following this article the output will typically be in this format:

Name the file IPList.txt
So, with the script below, you can import the list of ip addresses on your receive connector

$RecvConn = Get-ReceiveConnector "Ex2010\AllowedRelay"
Get-Content .\IPList.txt | foreach {$RecvConn.RemoteIPRanges += "$_"}
Set-ReceiveConnector "Relay Connector" -RemoteIPRanges $RecvConn.RemoteIPRanges

When you are migrating from Exchange 2007 to 2010, we use powershell command to export the list, and a powershell script to import

Here is the powershell command to export the list. Change the exchange 2007\allowedrelay part to be the correct server\receive connector name.

(Get-ReceiveConnector "exchange2007\allowedrelay").RemoteIPRanges | select Lowerbound,Upperbound,RangeFormat | sort-object Lowerbound| export-csv c:\rc.txt –NoTypeInformation

Use this script to import it onto the exchange 2010, change the second line to be the correct exchange 2010 server name \ receive connector name

$csv = "c:\rc.txt"
$rc = "EX2010\RelayConnector"
$impcsv = import-csv $csv
foreach($line in $impcsv)
$ipAdd = $line.LowerBound
$conn = Get-ReceiveConnector $rc
$conn.RemoteIPRanges += $ipAdd
Set-ReceiveConnector $rc -RemoteIPRanges $Conn.RemoteIPRanges