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Migrating Novell Rights (trustees) to Microsoft Rights (acl)

I’m in the middle of a big migration project from Novell to Microsoft. When it comes to transferring the security rights from then Novell File system, trustees, to the Microsoft File system, I decided to NOT use a Quest tool, … Continue reading

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Migrating Printers made easy, Lesson #5

Moving printers from one server to another can be a long tedious process if you do it manually. If you use Print Migrator 3.1, it’s easy. Download the file from the link, it’s the actual program. No install needed. Yep, … Continue reading

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Moving the printers at the client side, Lesson #6

  There is a vb script I found on the Internets, it’s very handy. You run this against your users, upon logon, and you can run it multiple times (after the first time it doesn’t change anything). It looks in … Continue reading

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Migrating users to new Shared Folders, Lesson #4

It is important to understand that migrating the data and moving the users is broken down into three major steps: 1) Move the data initially, verify security rights moved over, test applications moved the new drive letter. 2) The night … Continue reading

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Moving Shared Folders and Data, Lesson #3

Copy the data, copy the rights (shared and NTFS), change the scripts. Sounds simple, and this part is, especially if you use the right tools. I copied some of the files using the "Microsoft File Server Migration Wizard", google FSMigrate.msi, … Continue reading

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Upgrading to new servers, Lesson #1

Our client is using SBS 2003, single server. It’s the domain controller, exchange server, file share, and print server. We are upgrading them to two new server. First a new domain controller / file share / print share server Second, … Continue reading

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