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OneDrive sharing replaces traditional attachments in OWA

Using the Office 365 Outlook Web App, you can attach files directly from your OneDrive as Links. Adding a file automatically takes you to your OneDrive folder. But what if the file is still on your computer and NOT on … Continue reading

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Office 365 Advantages (not found in your typical ads)

I am going to outline some advantages available to current Exchange users that migrate to Office 365. If you have Exchange on premise, it is fairly easy to setup a hybrid environment. This means you can have some users with … Continue reading

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Low Disk Space Alert Script

If backups should fail, or there is a mail storm… How can I get alerted when the Exchange database transaction log disk is almost full? It’s not a good day when the database dismounts because the TL disk fills up. … Continue reading

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Testing Open Relay / Allowed Relay using PowerShell

In my previous post, I posted a script which emails me move reports from office 365. A subset of that script emails using a non-authenticated connection.  This code allows you to test an open relay too… In many ways much … Continue reading

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Office 365 Move Report

I have been doing a lot of Office 365 lately and I’ve been getting very “tired” of checking the status of mailbox moves at night. I get on the pc, check the status of the moves, then go back to … Continue reading

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DirSync generates 10,000 email alerts

While DirSync is a nice canned version of FIM, I have found it can run in a wild loop. By Default the DirSync tool runs every 3 hours. If there are any errors, it generates an email to the technical … Continue reading

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SPF ending “all” word explained

While creating a SPF record on Microsoft’s wizard, I noticed this question Does {your email domain} send e-mail from any IP addresses that are not identified in the above sections? There are several radio button options. Yes; mail may legitimately … Continue reading

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