OneDrive sharing replaces traditional attachments in OWA

Using the Office 365 Outlook Web App, you can attach files directly from your OneDrive as Links.


Adding a file automatically takes you to your OneDrive folder.


But what if the file is still on your computer and NOT on your OneDrive… No problem, just click “Computer”


After you select the file, it gives you the option to upload it to your OneDrive and Share a link.


It looks like an attachment from here….2015-02-05_20-41-35

You can also decide if the recipients can modify the document in real time or view only


When the recipient gets the message, it’s a link to OneDrive. In this example, I mailed it to my (hotmail) account.


But what if you sent it a non-Microsoft system, such as Gmail? The user will actually get two messages, and the second one looks like this.


Clicking on the “sign in” word in blue takes you to this page where the user needs to create a Microsoft Account, or logon as one they have.


Now you can send those really big PowerPoint files as links rather than attachments. Typically, companies set limits on how big your messages can be. I typically see message size limits set anywhere between 10 megabyte and 35 megabyte. OneDrive is built into Office 365 and is a subset of SharePoint Online. Oh, and it’s awesome !!


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