My advice to all 2013 grads….

I have been out of college for 25 years. My first job (and first career) was with a large power utility company. Shortly after I was hired, the company was affected by deregulation of the utility industry. They had prided themselves on never having a layoff, even during the great depression. With deregulation came a new CEO, and with the new CEO came much change. I saw people that has 20+ years with the company fired, they called it involuntary separation. Their reality and their world came crashing down around them.

Fast forward 25 years and I see the same thing happening today with state employees. Our state governor is taking on the same lean and mean approach to the state budget, although not as harsh, they are seeing their health insurance go up, furlough days mandated, and ultimately their relative waged decreased.

I read somewhere “Everyone has a temporary job, just most of us are in denial.”

So rather than looking for “job security”, strive for “job marketability”. In fact, read this book by Dawn Rasmussen.

This way when things get sour where you work, whether it be involuntary or voluntary separation, getting that next job in your career is not as painful.


Author: Mike

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