Set homeDirectory attribute to users from input csv file

The non-standard home directory path will be set on the user account in active directory using the input file called home-dir-path.csv which contains two fields.

The Microsoft Logon name, the samAccount attribute, followed by the Home Directory Path in UNC format, which is the homeDirectory attribute.

The tool used to set the attribute is Quest powershell with the Set-QADUser

For a single user, it would be executed as such:

Set-QADUser b125013 -HomeDirectory \\server\vol1\user\b125013

I made a script called SetHomeDir.ps1, that has the following code

Import-Csv home-dir-path.csv | ForEach-Object {

Set-QADUser $_.SamAccountName –HomeDirectory $_.HomeDirectory


Make sure the input csv file has the following line for the first row:

SamAccountName, HomeDirectory


Author: Mike

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