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Exchange 2007 /2010 Certificate install

Exchange 2007 /2010 installs itself with a self signed certificate. This means it gets you going with ssl, but it’s not something you want to run with in production. Why? Well, workstations accessing OWA will complain with a popup box … Continue reading

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Set homeDirectory attribute to users from input csv file

The non-standard home directory path will be set on the user account in active directory using the input file called home-dir-path.csv which contains two fields. The Microsoft Logon name, the samAccount attribute, followed by the Home Directory Path in UNC … Continue reading

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Find missing AD users

[PS] C:\DeptTools>type test.ps1 Import-Csv userTest.csv | ForEach-Object { if (Get-QADUser $_.SamAccountName) {} else {$_.SamAccountName |out-file missing.txt -append} } I have a list of ids and ACLs i am about to set using subinacl.  I want to find out which users … Continue reading

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