Scripts to grant FullAccess, SendAs, and SendOnBehalf Permissions

I have been getting requests to grant FullAccess (and other) permissions to a list of users to a Shared Mailbox, so I came up with some scripts.

This is FullAccess.ps1
import-csv .\people.csv | foreach {
$user = “ad\”+$_.people
Add-MailboxPermission -Identity “NAME OF RESOURCE” -User $user -AccessRights ‘FullAccess’

This is SendAs.ps1

import-csv .\people.csv | foreach {
$user = “ad\”+$_.people
Add-ADPermission “NAME OF RESOURCE” -User $user -Extendedrights “send as”
set-mailbox “NAME OF RESOURCE” -GrantSendOnBehalfTo $user

And my people.csv looks like this



Author: Mike

owner of blog

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