Exchange 2007 / 2010 and Blackberry server

add-exchangeadministrator service_account_name -role ViewOnlyAdmin
get-exchangeadministrator | Format-List

The Windows account should be displayed with a ViewOnlyAdmin role.

Send As, Receive As, and Administer Information Store permissions

get-mailboxserver server_name | add-adpermission -user service_account_name -accessrights GenericRead, GenericWrite -extendedrights Send-As, Receive-As, ms-Exch-Store-Admin
get-mailboxserver server_name | get-ADpermission -user service_account_name | Format-List

and in most cases, you will fine the service account name is besadmin

Ping back to this great article for Exchange 2010 update. (12.22.2011 update)


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