Finalizing the DC upgrade & Summary of Lessons #1 – #6

We migrated the file and print services to a new domain controller.

We used several tools like print migrator 3.1 and found out it can be used to back up / restore printers too, that makes it a good tool to have in the event you need to perform a custom disaster recovery. You hopefully downloaded and tried the 30 day eval of Beyond Compare. It makes syncing my laptop to my external usb drive a snap.

The last thing we have to do is move the FSMO roles to the new server, then decommission the old server. I’ll tell you up front, the old server will become a second domain controller and also a dns server. An interesting side note of smb edition, I was told that once you transfer the roles, you have 30 days to decommission the  server.

Moving the fsmo roles is easy, launch the correct mmc snapin, and connect to the target server, select the roles, click transfer.

I would wipe the old server as cleanly as I was able to (restripe raid), install a fresh copy of windows 2003. Install the dns service first, then Dcpromo it to a domain controller. By installing dns first, it makes it easier to setup. I would use the old ip address, as there may be devices that talk to it for dns.

I would also install WINS on both servers and make them push/pull partners with each other. I would  rather have the clients ask a wins server than broadcast the question. It a quite efficient lookup server. Propriety and now antiquated, but efficient.

I did not cover the installation of a new exchange server. We will start that next.

Remember the client had one server, sbs03, it was the DC and the Exchange server. (Windows small business server 2003 and Exchange standard)

The final installation has two dcs, and one Exchange 2007 server. A total of three servers. All the servers will be running windows 2003 R2 edition. For clarity, I have x32 edtion on both dcs and x64 on exchange.

For clarity, we will call these servers dca, dcb, and exa.



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