Upgrading to new servers, Lesson #1

Our client is using SBS 2003, single server.
It’s the domain controller, exchange server, file share, and print server.

We are upgrading them to two new server.
First a new domain controller / file share / print share server
Second, a new Exchange 2007 server.

The existing server is Windows 2003 with sp2, with Exchange 2003 with sp2.
The new servers are Windows 2003 R2 with sp2 and Exchange 2007 sp1.

Key Points of this project are:

1) Migration of shared resources (shares and printers) will occur from one server to another
2) Workstations will need these resources seamlessly moved over (drive mappings and printers) to the new server.
3) A second domain controller will be added and the original removed.
4) Exchange mailboxes will be moved to a new server.
5) Exchange 2007 is installed and 2003 removed.

It’s important to know the project gant chart. What parts are dependent on other, and what can be done during the day and what must be done at off hours.

We will use automation whenever possible. So Let’s begin.


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