Adding the second server as a DC, Lesson #2

Adding the second server as a domain controller is a common task. Often companies decide to open another branch office or retire old equipment. In either case, we are adding a new domain controller.

The server os is windows 2003 R2. The "R2" part is important here. Since the original server is not R2, the schema in Active Directory is version 30. If you try and run dcpromo on the new server without first extending the schema, it will fail.

Here’s how to extend the schema. Right from TechNet.

Steps for Extending the Schema
Be sure to use the version of Adprep that is on Windows Server 2003 R2 Disc 2 or hotfix 919151,
not the version of Adprep that is on Windows Server 2003 R2 Disc 1.
change directories to the "Cmpnents\R2\" folder on Disk 2
Run adprep /forestprep

You need to run this command on the old domain controller. You can’t run it from the new server.

Most Domain Conrollers are also acting as DNS servers, so it’s in your best interest to install the DNS service on the server before you run dcpromo.

So here are the steps in sequence.
1- Update the schema at the old server to R2’s version (31)
2- Install Windows 2003 R2 (with sp2) on the new server. I typically make the C drive 12 GB.
3- Assign it a static ip address, point dns to the old server.
4- Join the domain.
5- Add the DNS service.
6- Run dcpromo, follow the wizard to "add another domain controller to the domain", when done reboot.
7- Make sure DNS works, that you have a NETLOGON and SYSVOL share. Make sure Active directory sites and services allows the ntds replication object to give you positive results. like this..


Congratz, but before we rip out the old one we need to move over stuff…..


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